Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Real Comments of Genius

Well, it may not be the best Fark comment ever, but this cracked me up pretty good. Unfortunately, it requires a long setup of quotes:

albo: we're the sole remaining big dog in the world. and everybody hates the big dog whether he's pooing on your lawn or handing out free milkbones to all the little dogs.

Maud Dib:1,321,851,888 Chinamen would like to have a word with you.

prjindigo:Only one in a million chinamen could beat me in a fistfight... and more than half their population couldn't take me 3:1... so I don't give a shiat how many there are, they themselves are not a threat.

Why do the chinese employ people for 18 hour shifts or 12 hour shifts seven days a week? They can't get squat done. They work three times harder than us and STILL barely outproduce our country. Individual work output of the US worker is STILL in the top five percent of the global market... the fact that we charge more for it makes people go with china.

so, you hold less water than your torn stilsuit.

And now, the payoff, from Maud Dib. To be recited/sung in the style of the "Real Men of Genius" radio ads and TV ads:

Well, here's to you, Mr. Internet Tough Guy.
When the whole world sees China as an emerging force, you stuck to your guns...

...Yellow bastards..can't fight..yeah...

Building the Great Wall and inventing gunpowder doesn't impress you...

Bunch of pikers...bring 'em on..whoah...

So when the Yellow hordes cross the Pacific walking across the backs of their drowned illiterate'll be ready.
Mr. Internet Tough Guy...yeaah.

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