Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Because the legacy microgame will have a fluctuating deck size...how does one refresh the deck as cards are removed from the game...permanently?

My initial thinking is...the starting deck starts with 20 cards. At the end of game, if the deck size is less than 16 cards, you add a new set of "fresh" 8 cards. So....let's say that the game comes packed with a 20 card starting deck, and 20 expansion decks of 8 cards. So, that's 180 cards total. That's not unreasonable.

The new fresh cards would be thought of a sort of a CCG expansion pack; most of the cards would be duplicate versions of the default starting (and boring ) cards. But one card would be a neat surprise, already started with some wacky rules on it.

And each of the 20 expansion decks would have a single, different mystery "rare". Working through the game to rip enough cards to open the next expansion to see what the next rare card is could be fun; opening the next set of goodies in Risk Legacy was always the best part of the game to me.


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