Monday, March 27, 2006

Isla Margarita commences, again.

So, I've finally taken it upon myself to finish/tweak/adjust isla maragarita AGAIN. Everyone seemed pretty happy with IM's last version somewhat. But the ending point scoring was WAY to fiddly. That has to get cleaned up.

Also, moving the Princes around the board when placing a bridge is pretty fun; I'm expanding upon that now. Every island will start with a Prince. And some islands will get another port, which will let a player bring ANY prince to that new island when buying a Port. Well, at least I think. I've got to get the rules cleaned up a bit more. And I'm reworking them in my new Doppleganger format. But hey, at least I'm working on it now.

And my experiments with pirates will be removed. May it will be added later, but they were mucking things up a bit. But I guess that's what pirates do. however, they provided a nicefiller for the Commerce Cards, so now I've got to come up with some replacements for those.....

Hmmm, seems like changing a few simple things will crreate a whole new game. How typical.


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