Friday, April 07, 2006

How far we've come.

At the website for the game of Adventure, there is a small screenshot of the Black Castle. In game selection 2, within it's icy black and grey claws is where the Grail is held.

In fact, the image looks like this:

For all those eagerly awaiting the upcoming PS3, or playing the current Xbox360, with all of it's snazzy razzle dazzle graphic power, remember, a lot of games owe a lot of history to this game. Running around in GTA:xxx and beating up old folk isn't much different than running around and beating up on poor duck-dragons. Well, except for the fact that the duck-dragons could eat you, forever imprisoning your valiant block inside their invisible tummies. Of course, nowadays, the games have a lot more quests and hidden unlockables (otherwise known as suck-up marketing ploys to magazines).

Anyway, take a good look at that picture. The amount of memory that (uncompressed) .jpg takes up is 31K. That's almost 8 times of memory that the ENTIRE GAME WAS PROGRAMMED IN! Which begs this unusual question: How many Atari 2600 Combat cartridges can fit inside the bump map of Shaq's forehead in the NBA Ballers Phenom?

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