Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh, the humanity (PLUS!)....

Not to take away anything from the winners, but OUCH! 4th place! I thought I'd finish better than that! And only 6 points!!!! With third place getting 12. Click here to view the carnage. I wonder how much the fact that I bent the rules a little bit by not making my game based around a REPAIR auto shop cost me.

Incidently, my votes went like this:

Game #8 (1st place) 4 votes.
Game #4 (3rd place) 3 votes.
Game #6 (6th place) 2 votes.
Game #1 (5th place) 1 votes.

So I think is also the very first time I've completely missed voting on a topo finisher. Well, at least recently.


And now the (PLUS!) part, back in the real working world....

.....Elvis has apparently FINALLY been installed Vegas, at Gold Coast. It'll be interesting to see how well it performs.


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