Friday, May 12, 2006

The Grand (depending on your viewpoint) Canyon

I'm a fairly big fan of the national parks out West. Of course, "West" needs to be capitilized because it is much more than a direction; it is a place to itself. I think. Anyway, I'm a sucker for watching all of the Travel Channel shows for those parks. Places like Zion/Bryce, Lake Powell (neither of which I've been to...yet) and Yellowstone (aka, The Park With the Most Varied Ways to Die).

So once again I'm watching the Travel Channel, where they are showing an interview with a park ranger at the Grand Canyon. Like most interviews with park employees, they are quite gushy about the majesty of the park that they, well, I guess, "range." In fact, they often talk about things like this:

"Imagine being a pioneer on your way to California. And then you suddenly come to this spot, and look in awe at the beauty and vastness of nature that is the Grand Canyon. Imagine what those first travellers must've felt, the rush of excitement of seeing a place such as this..."

Sorry, if I'm a pioneer on the way out West and I suddenly come to the end of perch of the Grand Canyon, I think my first response is, "CRAP! How the hell are we going to get around THAT thing! Why is God punishing us!?? Now, who's horse are we going to eat tonight while we figure out our next move..."


As a side note, leaving Las Vegas the other day, I'm happy to report that McCarren Airport has e-ticket kiosks that work with every airline! SWEET! And Free WiFi. Well, at least I HOPE free WiFi, otherwise the person who is "" (the usual login I use when I don't want to be tracked down easily) is going to get billed for it.


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