Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Votes...

...for this month's showdown are as follows.

1: This seems to be a case of the graphic actually making the game harder to understand than it is. My, that's an impressive looking org chart! This game probably needs a little more editing down for this contest as the rules are really caught up too much in the details.
Entry #2: Stam, 5 points. Big points for giving the player the toys to actually play with, instead of just some spy-tech cards. Bravo.
3: Raid on OmniTech, 3 points: Probably the best entry in regards of trying to do " just enough" to fill the 800 word limit.
4: Do the individual spies really vote for their chairperson? Anyway nothing really jumped out at me, aside from the pretty world game board.
5: Not a big fan of future Spy theme. A lot of time is spent describing the world instead of explaining the game.
6: Sci-Fi Pulp Adventure, 1Point: While I am not a big fan of the way the combat is used, or the fact that I'm not even sure this meets the "players control one agent" requirement, I think that this style of game has merit. With a little bit of working out an playtesting, there could be something interesting.
7: This game just left me dry for some reason. Probably for those who demand theme in their games, this game would work better due to the generic-ness of the Secret cards, which seem to demand some amount of themeing.
8: Gaslight Agents, 1Point: The idea of cards sticking to a country from game to game is pretty interesting. I feel that this is a fairly good basic game here, otherwise, with easy to implement R-P-S balancing.
9: This game runs somewhat similar to game #6, but more Role-playing-style. However, the amount of math required to figure out the amount of dice to just roll REALLY puts me off. If I didn't like the way combat was used in game #6, I HATE combat in this entry.

In general, a lot of what I feared from this challenge came to pass. Except that a lot more decided to do "AGENTS FROM THE FUTURE" than I would've guessed: i.e. tracking down killer robots.


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