Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Samurai swords lock again

I'm back into a 4 player Samurai game again. My current feelings on Samurai still stand up somewhat, which is: Along with T&E, both games offer too much of a first player advantage, assuming that all player's are equal. In fact, I'd pretty much assume that I was going to lose this game solely based on the fact that I'm going last. Until a few things happened. Most notably being that the red player seems to like giving away goodies to everyone else. Which, on the last turn, gave both the blue player and yellow player to have an excuse to grab some idols which also tossed me a bone of a few idols along the way.

And red has opened up an island with a potential series of moves that I can score many of them. Thanks red.

However, I still don't think I have much chance of winning this game. Yellow is cruising along uncontested on his island, blue leads in two idols, meanwhile my course is more or less laid out to get many idols, but across all three type, making me the "master of none" I fear.


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