Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Living Document

I've been sort of surprised by the amount of time PocketCiv is taking. But then again, not really. Maybe, due to that fact that it's more of a system than a standalone game, it's sort of taken on a life of it's own. And therefore sucking out a lot more than I thought I it would from my spare time.

One thing seems to just lead to another. While I am fairly happy with the way the basic PocketCiv works (even though I think I've failed to make it truly work while ON a plane), the game itself WORKS pretty nicely as a pasttime. I've actually managed to survive all 8 Eras while waiting for a delayed plane.

Anyway, I start working on making graphics for the Deluxe version (the boardgame version), and then I get to fooling around with creating specific scenarios. So, now, all my playtesting time has been taken up with Scenario creation, and graphics creation.

One of the nice features of the Scenarios, however, is the ability to lead a player through the game initailly without having them read the book (ala the first few round of a video game that introduces features as it goes along). These took quite a bit of time. The regular scenarios are easy. Too bad THEY need testing.

And now that I've got solid, mechanical, boards and peices, I'm mentally puting together a 2 player version...

There's not enough time to feed the Beast.

Anyway, if there is ANYONE out there reading this, feel free to at least playtest the basic version. You might have fun. Honest.

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