Thursday, December 14, 2006

And the Results are in...

Well, there really aren't any results, or anything. After getting enough feedback from people who've played PocketCiv, and my experiences, I'm going to have to do some tweaking on the Events cards. Most noticably, making things scale a little better.

Currently, all the Events have "set in stone" look up numbers. That is, an attack from a visiting Empire will always have an Attacking Force equal to the value of blue hex on the next card time 2. These numbers need to start off smaller in the earlier Eras, and be a bit larger in the later Eras, as I'm beginning to find out, as I've always suspected, that usually the first Era or two are are pretty tight struggles, but when you get your machinery going, and survive the first Era, life gets a lot easier.

This isn't a bad thing really, on the short cusp of it. As I'm sure this is how civilizations developed naturally; it took a lot of luck for a fledgling group of people to build up something from nothing. However, it does suck that drawing the last card for the first Era simply nets you an invasion force so overwhelming at that stage of the game, that you have no real chance of recovering from it.

So, I've pretty much decided that Visitations will scale up as the game goes along. And I've got a pretty simple way of doing it with more symbology on the cards, so that's not an issue. But then, I start thinking, "why can't I scale up all of the Events that make sense?"

Well, there's no reason not to, so i might as well go that route. Aside from all the little trickle down changes that this will change.

Anyway, this will take a little bit of time in Excel to mess around with numbers I'm happy with. Thankfully, this doesn't change any of the work I've done on the main scenarios I've worked on. But it does change the walkthru scenarios greatly. I'm not looking forward to re-writing those. And the Event cards will naturally have to change.

Not particularily fun, but hopefully something better comes from it.

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