Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fun With Maps

I spent my lunchtime putting together a basic map for Leviathan. I came to realize that I really need the map to get a good idea for how the my Origin/Destination generation mechanic is going to work, and I wanted to see a layout for keeping track of Tales at each port.

Origin and Destination plays an important role. Ships that survive a player attack report the Tale at their Destination. The main goal of the game is to become as "famous" as possible, and amassing Tale counters throughout the world's ports is how that's done.

Additionally, based on the amount of Tales told about you at the Originating port, tougher ships will join the fleet. If you have truly become famouos at a particular port, Monster Hunters will join the fleets from there, who will ruthlessly pursue you for the fame and fortune killing a sea monster provides.

Surprisingly, it was kind of hard to research some good ports that would A)work geographically for the game and B)recall a time of tall ships and exploration.

Additionally, a co-worker of mine has donated some server space for me to play with Restless; he's trying to get the server's part in making "server side includes" work, so there's hope along that front also. These were the things that Comcast refuses to talk to, unless they were specifically "Microsoft Front Page includes". Jerks.

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Blogger Nunya Bidness said...

Really looking forward to your treatment of Leviathan. I was really taken with some of your ideas at the end of that thread.
The last action item we had was for Xaqery to write up a rules draft...


2:19 AM  
Blogger SDS said...

Yeah, I've got some really goofy stuff I'm dealing with to try and match "the vision" that I have for this game, which I'll post about later as I develop them.


5:57 AM  

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