Saturday, March 10, 2007


After watching the viral-ness of the internet take it's time, PocketCiv has made it on to boardgamegeek by itself (well, somebody other than me). I've seen a few comments about it in various threads, and have gotten a few email links to some session reports, so I've been kind of looking around for it. Of course, it's spelled "Pocket Civ" with a space, so it was kind of tough for me to find. Looks like I'll have to update the game name to include the space for completeness sake. And it's also listed as a "2005" game. I didn't start messing around with it until...checking blog archives...July 27, 2006.

It's nice to see such a high rating for it, even though there's only 6 votes for it. Heck! Those could be 2's and 3's. So I'm glad that people are enjoying it. What is particularily engrossing about the ratings is that I was able to develop a game that people like within the fairly tight contraints of the PocketCiv goal of "a solitaire sprawling epic in the tiny space of an airplane tray." I think that just pulling off a working game within those limitations is a tough cookie to crack (Lord knows that Leviathan isn't going to be going anywhere near that), but the fact that it's also fun to it's target niche audience is encouraging. The component list for initial entry into the game is fairly small (16 cards and rules) compared to other Print-n-Play games most likely helps. Just another hurdle for Leviathan to cross. Or fall down on it's face on.

I hope that at some point, there will be some amount of critical mass that gets hit where people will start submitting their own scenarios for it. Or better multi-player rules. Or something else to keep it fresh and engaging.

Anyway, for those who might have played it, and don't know about it's entry, here is the link to it: Pocket Civ at BGG. And if you have the ability and an inclination, feel free to give it a rating. A nice rating would be good, but a honest one would be better.

ALERT! A vote has been added since I started this post! Can't stop this train now, baby!

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