Friday, June 29, 2007

PocketCiv ranks!

PocketCiv finally hit the 30 ratings mark on BGG to finally be given a rank. While it has a true rating of 7.6, it's biased rating is 5.86 (biased due to the fact it has so few ratings), ranking in currently as the 1583rd best game ever invented.

For the record, the worst ranked games with at least 30 ratings (again biased), are:

#3701 Snakes and Ladders
#3702 Bingo
#3703 Tic Tac Toe

And in other news, PocketCiv was subjected to an audio podcast review, which is a strange experience. It's one thing reading someone's comments about your game on a website; it's another thing to hear a voice talk about it. It all sounds so...official. Maybe it's the accent.

Anyway, comments and rules clarifications keep tricklling in on PocketCiv, and I've been meaning to get back and clean that game up a bit. Unfortunately, KitchenTable has been keeping me quite busy of late, and I've hit the "man, I'm so tired of working on this" part of the project.

The other side of KitchenTable is that I think I'm pretty close to having a releasable beta (after a complete re-write of some elements). Aside from a few issues I need to pick up, I'm currently dealing some higher conceptual issues in regards to how the multi-user aspects work.

Unlike a typical online game server where all the objects and graphics are known, KitchenTable relies completely on user-created content. And for a true multi-user game session to take place over the internet, each user must "point" KT to the correct file structure on their local hard-drive, and make sure that they are both pointing to the same image folder and files. This is all trickier than it should be; but since KT knows nothing about the content it is going to use, it just can't simply go to the folder structure "games/carcassonne/images."

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