Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weapons for 'One Against the Dead'

After testing One Against the Dead a few times, I was pretty annoyed at how often i had to refer to the rules to figure out how combat was getting resolved. So, I broke my "Games on the Cheap" rule of "only things that can be found around the house" and made some special cards for the weapons.

It amazing what you can do with a few stolen images around the internet (thanks, Google image search!) and a few Photoshop filters.

You can find the card image collection at the Games on the Cheap website area, if you are so inclined. I've also put up a One Against the Dead entry on BGG, just to see if anyone takes the bait and actually plays it cold. If GoneGaming bothers with another year end contest, this game will be my entry into the downloadable game category.

At some point, I'll have to earn my GeekGold and put the card images up on BGG.

[Of course, these include my typical spelling errors, but hey! it's first pass.]

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