Friday, January 11, 2008

Artwork A-Go-Go

Ok, this is pretty awesome. First, click here to go to this forum and look at all the amazing pieces of artwork.

All of these pieces were done in the same program. However, it's not Photoshop, or Illustrator, or some other big name program.

And no, it's not some freeware program for your desktop, like GiMP. However, it is free.

It's a program called Colors. It's a a free downloadable paint program for the Nintendo DS, if you have a DS Flash Cart.

What is a DS Flash Cart? It's memory card with a USB port that allows you to copy programs on to it to play on a console. In this case, the DS. Naturally, Nintendo would rather these things didn't exist, as their main function is to pirate DS games.

It's a very amazingly intuitive low-fi art tool that can provide some outstanding results. While it doesn't feature various now-commonplace things as other paint programs, such as layers, or undo, it really captures the essence of painting in real-life perfectly. The best part of the program is that it automatically creates a MPEG-styled movie of your brush strokes as you paint. And these can be shared also. So, as in the case of the forums, not only can you trade artwork, but you can actually trade the ENTIRE PROCESS of how the artwork was created (by uploading/downloading the mpeg file), in order to learn various painting techniques. And since the DS is WiFi, you can do all of this trading wirelessly, supposedly.

Technology is cool.

(and the cat picture isn't my picture. It's just "borrowed" from the forum)

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