Monday, March 10, 2008

In response....

I've been away from the wired world for a while, waterparking with the kids at Grizzly Jacks. So, instead of responding to the comments of the last post in the comments, I figured I'll use the power of the RSS feeder to answer the questions.

The hook for PocketCiv would simply be "solitaire Civ game."

The hook for One Against the Dead would be "Solitaire Zombie game with household components." Of course, I've decided to blow away that hook, and am slowly working on a more story-driven basis for that game, while keeping the slightly strategic elements of city building/zombie creation. But that's sort of slow going at this point...creating all of the story points and arcs is turning out to be a larger time-consuming project than I have imagined.

The other project I'm working on is the resusitation of KitchenTable. The more observant may have noted that it has magically appeared in the 'Places to Play" link off in the sidebar. This is my attempt at a game prototype engine that can support multiple players, that I had given up last fall with the introduction of Gabob and Zun Tzu. However, these don't seem to appeal to a few members of BGDF, so I've gone back and started working on it again. The multiple player is currently turned off to chase down gamebox creation bugs, there's no documentation, and it's being debugged by a few BGDF chat people, but it's there for people to play with.

And, of course, there's no promise that I'll ever finish it, and give it up further along the line.

And yes, "The Hook" image was created on the DS Colors program.

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