Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hippodice Entry Guide

So, the entry deadline for Hippodice fast approaches. I won't be entering this year.

The few interesting projects I've worked on this year are Dark Water Salvage, and Reading Railroad. DWS still needs a bit of work to fix some timing issues (which should only require one more playtest, whenever that is) before I can balance the game out. And RR is a hybrid word/train game that probably would need some alterations due to language. Plus Seth has sort of taken that game over, and corrupted its soul into a different game (somewhat). But hey, at least he's taking it to BGG con for playtesting, which is more that I can do.

However, since I did make the initial cut last year, I thought I'd put up my entry from last year for those who are interested in entering. This way, interested parties can see how I laid out my initial entry, based on the way way I parsed out the English translations.

You can download the .zip file for my entry at this location.

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