Thursday, December 18, 2008

Procedures (part 4) - your ever growing world

Thankfully, this post is going to be a fairly short one. Continuing with the ESNA (Epic Solitaire Notebook Adventure) theme. Ultimately, we are pretty much done with the heavy baggage of the "procedural" elements of the game at this point. But I might as well finish the game up. So....

As noted in the previous post, the basic turn structure is A)move to a new Region, then B) draw a card to see if an event happens there, based on matching up the land icons on the card with the region where the player is currently at. While the last post contained all of the information required for basic monster creation and handling (although not combat), which is run using the letter symbology, the question remains: "What happens if you draw an event that ISN'T a letter?" As say, for example in the card to the left here?

The +1 icons are a good thing. Instead of a creature encounter, this allows you to add or improve buildings to your little paper empire.

There are three types of buildings in the game: Villages, Temples, and Castles. You've already started with a Village when the game began. If you are in a Region where an Event DOESN'T happen, then you "visit" the building in that Region (if there is one) and perform the special actions that those Buildings can trigger.

Villages allow for rest, which will restore lost Health.

Temples allow for study, which increase your character's Level.

Castles allow for Quests, which let you go on specific "adventures" to gain big gold and magical treasures.

Getting a +1 icon from an Event card let's you build a new Level 1 Building of your choice in any Region that does not currently have a Building. Only one Building per Region please! Or, you can increase any pre-existing Building's Level by 1, up to a maximum of 10.

At this point, the game needs to have a bit playtesting to determine the best cost ratios for each action that the buildings can provide. But it's best to start simple.

Resting at a Village:
Paying 1 gold to a Village will restore an amount of Health equal to the Village's Level.

Study at a Temple:
Paying "100 times the desired next level" in gold at a Temple will increase your character's Level by 1, and increase your character's maximum Health by 50. Additionally, you cannot increase your character's Level beyond that of the Temple's Level.

Example: Increasing your character's Level from 2 to 3 would require you to find/create a minimum Level 3 Temple. Pay 300 Gold at that Temple, to increase.

Creating Quests are worth another post. But the only thing that's missing from this being playable is combat. So that will be coming next.

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