Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Bits

I managed to play a game of Fiasco is real-life finally. It almost feels more like an improv game than a "game." And the whole experience of the game was pretty hilarious. Since Fiasco does a really good job of creating a narrative, I felt it was only proper to write up a session report in a story fashion, as your typical session reports are a bit dry for my tastes.

Click here to read it, and try and figure out who "wins"
. is an interesting website, dedicated to independent artists and such, looking for way to fund their little (and sometimes big) projects. Tasty Minstrel Games is experimenting with it to try and get a new game funded for publishing. Others have managed to crack their funding barrier, but with a cheap "buy in." It will be interesting to see if their current funding efforts maintain its velocity for the next 24 or so days, or if it peters out. I know Seth has a couple of interesting things planned up his sleeve in order to keep interest high.

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