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April 2006 - Tune it Up!

Since BGDF has moved over to a new server, they will eventually lose all of their old posting. So now I have to keep a record of my showdown entries somewhere else. Well, at least the ones I find to be viable...

Tune it Up!

Who will own the most prestigious tuner shop in town? And have the hottest collection of illegal street racers?

Deck of Parts. This deck has cards showing various Street Racing Tuner Parts. Each Part has a value of Prestige Points (PP).and has 5 duplicate cards in the deck.
Deck of Costs. These cards show a large money value the Owners must pay after submitting a winning bid, and a small money value to buy a Prestige Cube. Cost cards also have a reduced Cost rate list, under a heading called "End of Year Sale!" There are also 4 Change of Season cards in this deck.
Bag of Colored Prestige Cubes in Black, Orange, Purple.
Plastic Colored Cars in Black, Orange, Purple.

Shuffle the Cost deck and Parts deck. Place decks facedown. Place Cars and bag of cubes off to the side.
Every player gets $5000 in cash, and draws 5 Parts.
Randomly decide the first Customer.

A player’s score is determined by:
1) SEASONAL POINTS: Players score PP from Unique Parts held in an Owner’s “shop” in hand during a Change of Season. Shops who have Unique Parts are more Prestigious than those who carry Parts that everyone else has.

And at the end of the game:
2) OWNER POINTS: Players score PP from each Car he has worked on as an Owner. Owners open the Car hoods to reveal the Prestige Cubes. Owners score 10 PP for each Car plus 4 PP for each Cube that matches the Car’s color. This represents the reputation on the street that a player’s shop has for rigging cool cars.

3) CUSTOMER POINTS: Player score PP from the Parts cards he has collected as a Customer. These indicate how cool his street racers are. Also, Cars without Prestige Cubes in them subtract 5 PP for having a non-tuned stock car.

At the end of the game, each player announces that he will double the value of either his Customer Points or Owner Points. Whoever has the most total points of Seasonal, Customer, and Owner Points wins the game.

The Customer reveals one of his Parts and asks all the other players, the Shop Owners, how much they will charge to ”install the Part.” All Owners look at the top card of the Cost deck (but not the Customer).

If the Cost Card shows a “Change of Season,” gameplay stops. All players reveal their current Parts held in hand (in their “shop”). Players who have Unique Parts (Parts that no other player has) score the PP shown on the Parts cards. If the fourth Season card is drawn, the game is over. Otherwise, all Parts cards are discarded, and Players draw a new set of Parts cards, equal to the amount of Parts they had plus two. All players get an additional $1000 in cash, and the Customer now starts the phase again.

If it is a Cost card, the large value is Owner must pay (for parts, labor,etc) if he wins the negotiation with the Customer and gets the job. The Owners state their initial bid with the Customer, and can freely change their bids as they all negotiate the price with the Customer. The Owners may offer bids less than or greater than the Cost card value. The Owners may also add Part cards from their own hand to try and sweeten the deal. (“Hey, I’ve got a Mega-Spoiler in the shop, I’ll add it for an additional $100…”). The Customer will have to determine which, if any, bid to take, and agree to a deal from an Owner.

If a deal is reached, the Customer collects all Part cards of the deal and places them to the side, and pays the winning Shop Owner from his cash. The Owner reveals the Cost card, pays the Cost shown to the bank. The Owner then selects any colored Car. The Owner may then “go the extra mile” on the car by spending the small money amount on the Cost Card to draw Prestige Cubes. He can make multiple payments for multiple Cubes. Regardless of money spent for Cubes, the Owner gets one free Cube. The Owner blindly draws the amount of Cubes owed, and hides them in the hood of the newly “worked on” car.

If no deal is reached, the Customer collects a Car without placing any cubes in it and discards his Part.

The player to the left becomes the new Customer.

After the third Change of Season card has been drawn, the Cost values used are the ones listed under "End of Year Sale!"

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