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December 2005 - More...Brains

Since BGDF has moved over to a new server, they will eventually lose all of their old posting. So now I have to keep a record of my showdown entries somewhere else.

(Ghastly Graveyard, Deluxe Starter Set w/ Grabby Hands)

Using the 25 tiles provided, randomly build the Graveyard Map in a 5 by 5 square. Each tile has a Safety number on it (Safety number range from 15-40). Players are divided into either Zombies or PreZombies (Humans) through any known random means. Roughly 25% of the players should start as Zombies. PreZombies get character markers placed on the upper-left tile. Any PreZombie that makes it to the lower-right exits the Graveyard and wins. (For tougher PreZombie challenges, the Zombie ratio can be increased, or the Graveyard shape can be altered; for an easier challenge, the game can be started with less Zombies). Each Zombie gets a Grabby Hand.

PreZombies get dealt 8 Escape cards (Cards show numbers from -3 to 10) to start. Game begins!

PREZOMBIES MOVE: PreZombies move the markers one space vertically or horizontally on the Graveyard Map. PreZombies may discuss where they wish to move before moving. PreZombies that are on the same tile may freely exchange Escape cards.

After moving markers, PreZombies play any amount of face-down Escape cards from their hands in front of them. The sum total of the cards will be compared to the Safety value of the tile during the Reveal phase.

ZOMBIES GRAB!: All PreZombie players close their eyes. All Zombies "countdown" by chanting these words "Hungry...need...more...brains...NOW!" On the word "now!" all Zombies select a PreZombie by grabbing at them with their Grabby Hand. Selections by the Zombies should NOT be discussed beforehand. PreZombies can open their eyes now. When not using the Deluxe set, Zombies merely point instead of grabbing.

PREZOMBIES REVEAL: PreZombies flip over and reveal the total value of their Escape cards. Any PreZombie who exactly matches the Safety number on his tile with his value of Escape cards is safe from all Zombie grabs. Otherwise, a PreZombie is turned into a Zombie based on having the least amount of Escape points amongst the other PreZombies on his current tile. EXAMPLE: A PreZombie is turned into a Zombie if one Zombie grabs at him, and he has the lowest Escape total amongst the PreZombies on his tile. If 2 Zombies grab, then he is turned into a Zombie if he has the lowest, or 2nd lowest Escape point total; if 3 Zombies grab at him, then he is turned if he is third to last, second to last or last, etc...

If more Zombies grab at him than there are PreZombies on his tile, then the only way he is safe is if his Escape point total equals the Safety number of the tile.

A just-turned Zombie discards all of his cards and takes a Grabby Hand.

PreZombies that are not grabbed at are automatically safe.

Any PreZombies who survives AND matches the Safety number draws two new Escape cards automatically. Some tiles will offer bonus cards just for surviving on the card. Other will give bonus cards for PreZombies with the highest Escape total.

A new round starts. Game ends when all PreZombies have exited the board or when all players have become Zombies.

Hint: In general, PreZombies should keep together as only the "slowest" PreZombies will be typically lost. However, PreZombies are free to go off on their own in the hopes of collecting more cards, or for better matching Safety numbers. Other strategies include: trying to get Zombies to grab at you when you have matched the Safety number, and bluffing Zombies away from you when you have played ridiculously low-valued Escape cards. Conversely, Zombies should try and get a read on "tells" a PreZombie may have when playing low Escape cards, or when matching a Safety number.

Various new locations for maps/tiles: Montgomery Bringembeck Hospital, Restless Lincoln High School, Tombstone Central Mall, AirStrike 3 Military Base, etc.

New Advanced Escape card sets which can include weapons (ex: Baseball Bat, no escape points but reduces the amount of Zombies grabbing at you by 1) and ancient voodoo spells (ex: Elixer of Life: Select one Zombie grabbing you to return to PreZombie status. His marker starts on your current tile) to fight the Zombies.

For the real adventurous, Grabby Hand Dipping Slime! Zombies get to dip their Grabby Hand into a bowl of officially-sanctioned More...Brains! water-soluable slime before grabbing for their helpless victims.

And of course, more Grabby Hands!!

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