Thursday, September 05, 2013


Recent things and/or musings I've been working on.

Hot Tin Roof. A story game based on Tennessee Williams plays, in wacky mini-book format.
My Little Vineyard. Updated with the idea to start submitting it to publishers again.

I've been working on a solitaire, choose-your-own path adventure story-slash-mapping hybrid to make playing "Dungeon Roll" a little more interesting when playing solitaire. even though I'm almost finished with it (well, first pass anyway), the branching in one section has made my head hurt.

I keep wanting to come back to "Leviathan" which is a solo game where you get to be a sea monster attacking ships during the age of tall sails. There's some kind of neat things going on in it...but I get discouraged when it comes to working on the evolution/tech tree aspects of it.

Blogger interface is awful on iPad.

"Gates of Atlantis" is still there, which needs tweaking. But that game is a headache to design for, due to the mechanical hidden information gimmicks.

Card games have suddenly interested me, due to the uprising of pretty decent POD card shops

3-player only card game, slightly quasi-deckbuilding attributes, loosely based on the journey of Oddyseus.
Revising "Great Sardini is Dead" to a playable state, a battle of old-timey magicians to take over the job of the Magician who has recently passed away at the exclusive Copa Club.
2-player card/story game, "Knight Flyer". Imagine a game based on Knight Rider, except that instead of a sentient talking car and his driver, it's about a sentient bi-plane and it's flyer during WWI.